What is RPh Careers?

RPh Careers is a unique, pharmacist-only job board designed to enhance the pharmacy career search experience for both employers and job seekers. By creating a pharmacist-only job board, our interest is to empower the profession of pharmacy by optimizing the pharmacy career search experience. RPh Careers allows pharmacists from a wide variety of settings the opportunity to dynamically pursue and apply to job openings that meet their interests and skill sets.

As fellow pharmacists and the creators of RPh Careers, we understand that not all candidates have the same professional career interests or qualifications. We want employers and recruiters to be able to find the best pharmacists for their jobs.

By registering as an employer or recruiter with RPh Careers, you are joining a platform designed to connect you with qualified pharmacists who are actively and passively looking for their next career opportunity. In addition to uploading job postings and accepting applications, you have an extremely valuable tool—the digital database. This powerful tool can help you discover candidates who demonstrate qualities, accomplishments, experiences, and credentials you desire. Use the database to search and filter digital resumes and connect with pharmacists from across the profession who express similar career interests or meet your specific job requirements. Stop missing out on the perfect candidate for your position. Connect with pharmacists you want on your team even if they are not actively job searching or they haven’t applied.

Find THEM, or let them find YOU. That’s RPh Careers.

What Makes RPh Careers Different?

In just a single month the keywords “pharmacist jobs” and “pharmacist job openings” were captured on a single search engine 100,000 times. Every day pharmacists nationwide are looking for career placement, opportunities, and advancement. Yet, there are few, if any, job boards dedicated to this respected healthcare profession. Pharmacists who are actively searching must comb through hundreds of jobs on multiple job board websites that often don’t apply to their occupation, interests, or qualifications.

What if these job seekers only needed to access one platform to submit their interests and qualifications to employers looking to hire AND to search, view, and apply for job postings?

What if, as an employer or recruiter, you could..

  • Have access to hundreds, even thousands, of potential digital resumes all at the tips of your fingers?
  • Post jobs to a pharmacist-only job board?
  • Connect with candidates who meet your specified qualifications without having them put in an application?
  • Sort through a database of digital resumes?
  • Target candidates who specify corresponding career interests?
  • Eliminate the need to post jobs on multiple job boards?
  • Save money by targeting the correct audience of prospective applicants?
  • Filter candidate applications that do not meet your designated criteria with a few simple clicks, saving you time and effort?

How are we different? We ARE the profession.

We are a pharmacist team who understand and recognize the advantages that different pharmacy skill sets, interests, and experiences can provide employers and recruiters and are using that knowledge to place jobs faster with better candidates. By using RPh Careers, you are able to post pharmacist-only jobs to a single job board and target the correct audience of prospective applicants—those who apply AND those who express career interests and qualifications that align with your requirements. Use the digital database, specific to the profession of pharmacy, to find digital resumes and connect with candidates who meet your specific qualifications, even if they haven’t applied. In addition, use the filters of the digital database to eliminate the need to review irrelevant or under qualified candidates, saving you time and effort.

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