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RPh Careers is a unique, pharmacist-only job board designed to enhance the pharmacy career search experience. Use RPh Careers to actively search and apply for jobs specific to career interests and qualifications, or passively to increase exposure to employers and recruiters across the profession.

We connect qualified pharmacists with employers and recruiters utilizing an easy to use, innovative approach. Use RPh Careers to actively search and apply for jobs aligned with your career interests and qualifications, or passively to increase exposure to employers and recruiters across the profession.

Ask yourself just a few questions:

  • Are you actively looking for a new position?
  • Are you tired of seeing jobs on pharmacy job boards that don’t align with your qualifications or interests?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your current job?
  • Are you ready to take a leap of faith with a new position?
  • Are you relocating and looking for new career opportunities?
  • Do you feel your qualifications aren’t being used at their full potential?
  • Are you looking for career advancement?
  • Are you curious if other employers might want you on their team?

A single yes to any of the above questions means RPh Careers is right for you. We are dedicated to helping you achieve job satisfaction. Finally you can OBTAIN THE CAREER YOU DESIRE.

We ARE the profession. Created independently by pharmacists, for pharmacists. RPh Careers offers searchable job postings that candidates may apply for. As a pharmacist-only job board, our interest is to empower the profession of pharmacy by optimizing your pharmacy career search experience.

By registering for an account and creating a profile, you are answering a series of questions to create a digital resume with your qualifications. But this isn’t just any job board questionnaire you are completing to create an account; this is specific to the pharmacy profession. Retail experience? Board certified? Licensed in multiple states? Current occupation? Bilingual? These are just a few of the questions you will be asked to answer. By answering these questions you are taking the first step to obtain the pharmacy career you desire.

Your digital resume is accessible to employers or recruiters who are actively searching to fill positions that you may be qualified for. This passive job-search approach allows for increased exposure of YOU, the pharmacist, to available jobs across the profession, even without actively searching. Want to take more control of your career path? Use RPh Careers to dynamically pursue and apply to job openings. Utilize the job filters to identify and apply for jobs that meet your interests and skill sets. YOU are in control. Adjust your privacy settings at any time to make your digital resume “public” (searchable by employers or recruiters) or “private” (not searchable). For added personal security, your information is completely inaccessible to the general public.

Find THEM, or let them find YOU. That’s RPh Careers.

As fellow pharmacists, we understand that not all candidates have the same professional career interests or qualifications. By answering the required questions upon registration, your information is converted into a digital resume designed around the pharmacy profession. This digital resume then gets entered into the digital database.

What is a digital resume? A digital resume answers, at a minimum, 8 questions about your current contact information, work experiences, and qualifications. You may also choose to enter additional information about your skill sets and career interests. In addition to a digital resume, you also have the ability to upload a resume, CV, and/or cover letter. Depending on your privacy settings, your information may then be accessed by employers or recruiters.

This pharmacy-specific digital resume becomes a valuable tool for both pharmacists and employers. It provides employers the ability to use your interests and experiences found in the digital resume to aid in job placement and connect with the most qualified candidates without waiting on them to apply. As a pharmacist, you can maximize career opportunities by identifying employers who want you on their team, even if you may not be actively job seeking. The ultimate goal of RPh Careers is to maximize pharmacy career satisfaction through job placement, and the digital resume can help achieve this.

Yes.  Any registered member may apply to any job posted on RPh Careers by selecting the “Apply Now” icon within the job posting.

These are pharmacist jobs posted exclusively to RPh Careers. By creating a profile, you are increasing your chances of identifying and obtaining an exclusive job opportunity only accessible to RPh Career members.

Featured jobs are positions sponsored by employers or recruiters. You may see these integrated at the top of your job search results.

There are no membership fees to register and create a profile for RPh Careers. It is completely free. Membership is required to view and apply for jobs. Membership is also required to allow prospective employers and recruiters to see your contact information and potentially contact you about career opportunities. Adjust your account settings anytime to select your career interests, and enroll in email alerts to notify you if jobs get posted that meet these interests.

By providing answers to the required questions, it allows the creation of your digital resume. Optional information may also be provided to enhance and personalize your digital resume.  A confirmation email will be sent to the email provided to complete your registration. Only RPh Careers members may view and apply for jobs. Log In or Sign Up today.

Select “Lost my Password” on the login page. Follow the prompts to reset your password. Change your email or password settings anytime by accessing your Dashboard, then selecting Account/Profile, Account settings.

Please select Contact Us located under Help on the main site navigation page. Also visit our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions.

Jobs posted on RPh Careers are located in the United States. You can browse jobs by location by using advanced searches on the Find A Job main site navigation page.

Uploading a resume or CV is not required, but may help your chances of securing a job or having an employer reach out to you regarding a potential job opportunity.

While answering the required questions when you create your profile provides a digital resume that helps employers identify aligning job requirements, most employers will still want to view or have you submit a resume or CV during the application process. Your digital resume CANNOT be submitted as your resume or CV when you apply.

Thousands of employers and recruiters visit our site searching the digital database to secure the best candidates for their positions. The most effective way to find your next career opportunity is to fill out your profile accurately and completely AND upload your resume and/or CV. In addition, having this information uploaded makes applying to jobs easier and faster!

Upload your document(s) under your Resume tab on your Dashboard.

No. We are only a job board designed to connect pharmacists with job posters (employers, recruiters, and staffing agencies). There are no registered recruiters employed by RPh Careers.

Contact the employer directly for any questions related to the details of the job posting. Contact information for the employer should be included in the job posting. Use this information to ask the employer any questions. Please refrain from contacting RPh Careers for questions about a job posting, as we are simply the hosting job board and are not affiliated with any employers or recruiters.

Yes. When you are browsing job postings simply click the heart icon, which is displayed next to the name of the job. Return to this job posting to apply or review job details anytime by simply clicking on your Dashboard and then Favorites.

If YOU apply to a job, your digital resume is no longer hidden to that employer, regardless of privacy setting. However, if your digital resume is set to “private,” employers cannot see your digital resume in the digital database UNLESS YOU APPLY.

By registering as a member of RPh Careers you can view, search, and apply to any job posted. The required components of the digital resume must be completed before you can apply to jobs. When completing your digital resume during your initial sign up, you will be asked if you want your digital resume public (searchable) or private (hidden) for employers to access in the digital database. Change your settings anytime by accessing your Dashboard, then Account/Profile, General settings. If your account settings place your digital resume as private, your digital resume will remain hidden to subscribers (employers/recruiters) of the digital database.

Once you apply to a job posting, your digital resume will always be accessible by the employer, regardless of privacy setting. This is because the information entered to create your digital resume is also what is converted into your application. This simplifies the application process and makes it easier than ever to apply for jobs, without continually entering your pharmacy qualifications and experience.

Remember, many employers use the digital resume to their advantage in this competitive job market by using it as a quick snapshot of your qualifications, especially in the application process. Employers are more likely to secure their job to a candidate who provides complete and accurate information in their digital resume.

After you are logged into your account you can create a saved job search. Simply select Advanced Search under the Find a Job tab. You can create a Saved Search to save job search requirements important to you such as location, job category, and other specified criteria. Select the criteria you wish to save to identify available jobs then click Save Search. You can find this saved search under your DashboardSaved Job Searches. You can even name them for quick reference and delete them at any time. Create as many saved job searches as you want (don’t forget to customize them by name!) This feature allows you to quickly and easily view and apply to jobs that align with your interests and skill sets!  Review active job postings that align with these preferences by clicking Saved Job Searches under your Dashboard.

Never miss an opportunity! To create email alerts for new job postings that meet your saved job search requirements, simply click Create Job Alerts under the Advanced Search of Find a Job. Change email preferences and customize job alerts under your Dashboard, then Email Alerts tab.

Search for jobs by selecting the top navigation tab Find a Job or by selecting the RPh Careers logo, which directs you to the home screen navigation to search for jobs. You can then search by job title, keyword, description and location. Or search by job categories, location, recent postings, or advanced. Advanced search even lets you save and customize job searches. You can apply for the job by clicking Apply Now within the job posting. Save a job by making it a favorite, simply click the heart icon by the job posting title.

You can apply for the job by clicking Apply Now within the job posting.

We recommend three steps to ensure you are maximizing your chances of being contacted by potential employers.

  1. Complete your digital resume by answering BOTH the required and optional questions. This helps distinguish your skill sets, interests, and experiences to employers. Under your Dashboardclick Account/Profile to update your digital resume information or change its visibility settings.
  2. Make sure your digital resume setting isPUBLIC. Under your Dashboard click Account/Profile, General, to confirm your resume can be viewable to digital database subscribers. Verify your digital resume is set as PUBLIC. If your digital resume is set as private, your information remains hidden and is inaccessible by employers or recruiters who are actively searching digital resumes in the digital database to fill positions you may be qualified for.
  3. Upload a resume,CV and/or cover letter. Upload your document(s) under your DashboardAccount/Profile, Resume.

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