As a pharmacist-only job board we are making it easier than ever for qualified pharmacists to search, view, and apply for jobs specific to their pharmacy career interests and desires! This gives your job posting the exposure it needs to secure the right talent for your position. Our streamlined process helps job seekers spend less time navigating job boards trying to find opportunities, and more time discovering active jobs. New job seekers and digital resumes are added to the database daily.

Each candidate must rate their desire for a new job, giving you as an employer a clear perspective of their job seeking intentions. In addition, our digital database includes digital resumes of candidates who are actively job seeking and those who are passively waiting for their next career opportunity.


Your time means something to us. With that in mind, we created a job-posting format that is simple, easy, and quick. Ready to post a job? Complete required information about your company and job posting as directed. By entering this information, we create a formatted job posting that qualified candidates can easily find and apply to, helping you get the position filled fast.


A digital resume is created for every pharmacist who joins RPh Careers. This pharmacy-specific digital resume provides job posters a snapshot of a candidate’s work experiences, qualifications, and interests. This becomes a valuable tool to aid in job placement and maximize a candidate’s career satisfaction.

Investing in the digital database gives you unlimited access to digital resumes for the duration of your purchased selection. Obtain contact information and reach out to as many qualified pharmacists as you choose, with no maximum number of viewable resumes.  Connect with candidates who meet your desired qualifications, even if they haven’t applied!

Save time and effort in identifying your most qualified candidates using the advanced digital database job filters. Easily find job seekers who are residency trained, board certified, or who have certain management experience. Instead of potentially eliminating job seeker’s resumes from the hiring pool using unreliable Applicant Tracking Systems, filtering through hardcopy resumes, or waiting for candidates to apply, both parties can benefit by identifying the most qualified candidates in the digital database using industry-specific skill sets.


Knowledge is power. To secure the best candidates, it is essential your job post is complete, accurate, and most importantly, is getting viewed.  Maximize your results by tracking management metrics like job post views, number of applications, and more.


Sometimes the perfect candidate is available when you aren’t looking, or maybe they join RPh Careers after your job has been posted. Either way, we can help. Sign up for custom job seeker alerts in addition to having digital database access. Simply designate qualifications that are important to you, then we can notify you with an email once new candidates are available in the database that match those conditions! Never miss an opportunity to have the best talent.


RPh Careers is mobile-friendly, meaning candidates can view, search, and apply for jobs all from their computer, mobile phone, or tablet. It also is mobile optimized for employers and recruiters, regardless of device. Stay up to date with upcoming website features and job posting opportunities via custom email alerts. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Each employer, organization, or recruiter may have a different approach to securing job placement, but the ultimate goal remains the same—find the right talent for your position. RPh Careers gives you the power to customize your experience. Use the digital database and discover job seekers that meet your designated qualifications and skill sets by utilizing advanced resume search filters.

Use filters to narrow and identify candidates by location, job category, application requirements, and more. Eliminate the review of unqualified applicants based on digital resume information, saving you time and effort. Allow us to send custom job email alerts to candidates about your job if it meets their preferences. Save digital database resumes of job seekers you may want to conveniently connect with now or later. All of these things are possible to customize your experience.